Operational Design Consulting through Full-Service Management – Specializing in Destination Developments Anchored by Aquatic and Entertainment Attractions

ICON Leisure provides unparalleled expertise which begins with the guest journey and drives operational design efficiency of the project.

ICON Leisure has the real-world relevant expertise to bring your concept to reality. We look forward to contributing insight from over 90 years of shared experience in 14 states with over 50M+ people entertained.

Operational Design Consulting Services

ICON collaborates

… with the team of engineers, architects, designers, and ownership to contribute to the overall vision and design process through an experienced operator’s lens.

ICON identifies common operational elements such as parking, access control, guest journey, staff placement, F&B operations, retail, emergency action planning and management, technology integration planning, and programming.

Addressing these considerations in the design process helps to ensure an enjoyable guest experience and a positive staff experience, which results in increased efficiencies, reduced liabilities, and greater potential for success.

Development and Advisory Services

ICON contributes

… consulting and advisory services to ensure the functional elements of the project remain consistent with its development scope and vision, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Assisting with development schedules
  • Sourcing and procuring relevant FF&E and OS&E
  • Working with governmental agencies and essential third parties
  • Operational development to support the financing of the project and its long-term viability

As construction begins, ICON will recruit executive to front line staff, negotiate agreements and establish relationships with vendors and sponsorship opportunities, work with governmental and third-party agencies, source and procure relevant FF&E and OS&E items, develop operating manuals, and provide operational support to guide objectives from concept to completion and into on-going operation.

Management and Operational Services

ICON provides

… management services, on behalf of the owners, for all aspects of the on-going operation of the project.

As the manager, ICON will supervise, direct, train, and control all management, operation, marketing, sales, and promotion of the project as agent for the company on an exclusive and fully authorized capacity.

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