Our Story

The Partners of ICON Leisure learned from the
best in the industry in the laboratory of the “real

The Partners of ICON Leisure have honed their expertise in Design, Construction, Operating, and Renovating facilities in 14 states over the last 3 decades, wIth some of the most recognizable brands in the Industry.

And so it began…

The ICON Leisure story begins with Brian Stovall, Eli Stovall, and Curtis Parks working together at the largest waterpark in Texas during the late 1980s.

Each began their careers in front-line operations and over the next 10 years, their responsibilities grew rapidly as the park doubled in size to over 70 acres.

As their formative years were spent learning the industry, it wasn’t long before they were involved in breaking new ground in the industry, both literally and figuratively.

Several “first of their kind” attractions which are commonplace today, such as the Flowrider and Master Blaster, were created and/or prototyped during their tenure.

Brian, Eli, and Curtis were instrumental in the testing and successful implementation of these innovative “firsts” in the industry.